Sunday, September 22, 2013

COTA Wireless technology by Ossia

Wireless technology..

This was first introduced by Nokia with its brand Lumia in which you have to put the device on Wireless pad which means end user has to go and put it on Wireless pad  so in-short if a person is moving from one place to another so the easiness is not there...

but now Cota By Ossia has invented remarkably real Wireless charging technology which would be launched for consumers & enterprises by 2015... it took 6 years for developing and Wireless technology..

What are the main features which distinguish Cota with other wireless charging system..

First you can charge your device with 30 feet distance from Wireless dock
Second no need to put your device any where.
Third from one Wireless device you charge your multiple devices at a same time..
Fourth you don't have to move around you device from one place to another because it works simply  same like your WiFi  signals..

How it  works..

This wires less system got 1 dongle device which has small cable which you have to attached with your device and automatically it will generate power through its Wireless technology..

You can see in the picture iPhone5 is charging with Wireless technology

Hatem Zeine, the CEO of Ossia company he express in his words that this technology can be used as in Dongle or can be built in the device.. 

But here question arises in the mind that 

How do they limit it to only charge certain phones? It's not like you can encrypt power, would the hackers be able to steal power wirelessly? it simple state that Hacking Neighbor;s Electricity For Powering your equipment

If you have any comments please feel free to ask..

Pictures are taken from Oassia

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Etisalat is launching iPhone 5 on midnight of 12/12/12

iPhone 5 was launched couple of months back most of the countries from Apple but in UAE where technology is very fast and Dubai people wants every new product on their hand once it would be launched..

But in iPhone 5 case they have to wait a lot and now the wait time is over Etisalat  is offering iPhone 5 on midnight of 12/12/12 with AED 2,749 for 16GB and for 32 GB AED 3,149/- for 64 GB AED 3,549 bu these are the prepaid plans along with this 1 GB data package is also given to customer complementary for 3 months and from 4th month it would be charged AED 99/- for 1 GB data bundle

So hurry up and buy your new iPhone 5 from Etisalat on first come basis..

Source: Emirates24/7

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Win rupees 5000 by paying Witribe bill on 15th of January

Witribe has announced a new promotion in which users can get Rs. 5000/- shopping  voucher at CrossRoads by just paying their Witribe monthly bill on time means before 15th of  January.

Each Witribe user is entitle for this promotion just have to pay your monthly bill on time on 15th Janurary or before 15th and than you will be entitle for the lucky draw.

Terms & condition:-

  • 50 lucky winners can get Rs. 5000/- worth shopping voucher of CrossRoad.
  • Winners will be announced on Wi-tribe Facebook fan page.
  • Result will be announced on 25th of January, 2012.
  • Offer is valid only for the month of January, 2012

Win iPad every month by paying Qubee bill on time

Qubee has announced a new promotion in which users can win guaranteed prices by paying bill on time means before 10th of every month

  1. Gifts are as followed 
  2. iPad
  3. USB Mouse
  4. Web camera
  5. or 2 GB  Extra volume of internet 

2GB extra volume is guaranteed and other than that are based on lucky draw which will be held on 11th of every month..

Guys be hurry pay your bill on time and get a chance to win exclusive reward from Qubee

Samsung galaxy Y prices has veen decreased ib Pakistan

One of the coolest and budgeted Android based is Samsung Galaxy Y s5360 in Pakistan and Samsung company is promoting alot in Pakistan and now the prices have been decreased initially the prices were Rs. 14,400/- but shops were selling @ Rs. 13,400/- but now shops owner are selling@ Rs. 12,600/- this is the least price which i got sofar.

Overall phone is awesome in ver coolest price every one can enjoy Andeoid based platform set in less price.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ubislate 7 specification and pre order details

Cheapest Android based tablet was launched in India with $55 but that was starting now they are launching another tablet with hugher specifications and the price is only $57 for retail.

This new tablet by the name of Ubislate 7 it is powered with Android OS with 2.3 Gingerbread, with 7 inch touchscreen display with a good resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and the processor is 700 MHz Cortex A8 Processor.. Other features such as WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS,, it has very good battery whic gives you approx 3 hours back up time because it has enabled with 3200 MAh battery.. and the most important function that this tablet perform dual task Phone + Tablet which means you can make and receive calls with this tablet..

This tablet is to be launched in the first week of January but pre-order has been started from last week of December so if you have keen interest so 

But the main point is here why and how this tablet become so cheap so the answer is that Indian government give the subsidy to their technology expert to make such kind of things for the interest of their citizen which is a very good initiative and every country should follow the Indian government.. 

Source: Ubislate



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