Friday, August 28, 2009

How to Treat Hard Drive Failure and Data Loss Circumstances

Data loss is something very critical and could occur any point of time. Data and information is the most important assets for any organization and it is required for proper functioning of the business. When data loss occurs, grave situations might take place and you need to go for Data Recovery solutions to retrieve lost data. It is the process of salvaging lost, missing or inaccessible data from a damaged, corrupted or unusable storage media that can not be accessed normally.

Data loss could occur from any sort of storage media and could be recovered from all of them including hard drive, storage tape, RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks), SAN (Storage Area Network), NAS (Network Attached Storage), CD and DVD. The recovery is generally required when any storage media gets damaged either physically or its file system face logical damage or corruption.

The restoration or recovery results into proper accumulation of files by the operating system. Before the recovery process becomes difficult, you are recommended to create a valid backup of your mission critical data. The backup enables you to appreciate the concept of recovery.

Failures that require recovery:

  • Operating system failure: It is a very common problem, which requires recovery using appropriate tools. It generally occurs due to improper system shutdown, virus infection like situations on single partition hard drives. This type of failures are put in logical failure category.

  • Hard drive physical failure: Such type of failure and data loss situations occur due to damage to the internal components of hard drive. This kind of damage is quite difficult to handle and require advanced tools to be resolved.

  • Hard drive logical failure: This type of failure occurs when the disk data structures like file system, partition table, boot record, boot loader and many alike. These cases are quite easy to be fixed as compared to physical failure.

Hard Drive Recovery in case of physical failure is possible with the help of recovery service. It is a personalized and sophisticated help, which is delivered through Clean Rooms by skilled and experienced recovery processionals.

On the other hand, logical data loss situations can easily be tackled with disk recovery software. These are easy to use and advanced applications, which are capable of handling most of the data loss situations. These Partition Recovery software are complete safe and easy to use.

Stellar Information Systems Limited offers superior recovery solutions to handle all sorts of data loss situations. The service is carried out for IDE, EIDE, SATA and SCSI hard drives in Class 100 Clean Rooms. Software are available for Windows, Mac OS, UNIX, Linux and Novell.

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