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Google some funny tricks which makes you happy

If you opened Google type on google search box  " do a barrel roll" than press the button search  after that you browser screen will roll 2 times...  funny isn't 

How to use Gmail in offline mode on browser

Gmail is once again "Seen On Ha" means last month i heard that Google is planning to implement
on chromebooks that they will launch offline Gmail, offline Doc, and Calenders to Chrome book users so that they can use inbox in offline mode. but guys i found from Chrome Web store  an extension which gives you free access on your gmail inbox on offline mode and this amazing service you can use while you are on your simple PC but it only works on Chrome browser so far this extension is only available for Chrome browser user only.

Procedure to install this extension

First you should come on Chrome browser than visit Chrome Web store than search  Offline Gmail App and click on link and install it.

When you were installing this app you will be asked to allow / disallow this app so you should click on Allow this app  so that all your inbox mail is going to be stored on a PC from where did you access

Note:- Never use this app on public computer otherwise all your private emails can be read publicly .

Things to be remember:-

By default Gmail offline app will store emails from 3 to 7 days email depending upon the worth of messages but if want to store any particular type of email so you should store it.

You can easily use your inbox on offline Gmail mode it gives you access to compose an email, delete an email and all the other work you can do and when ever your computer will be connected to the internet it automatically send the email.

If in any case you want to uninstall the Gmail offline app from your browser so all the data which you have stored will not delete

Source: Cnet



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