Saturday, February 19, 2011

Transfer data with wifi from iPhone to pc without Internet or with wire

Guys couple of weeks ago I was searching a iPhone app for transferring data from pc to iPhone or from iPhone to pc without wire to connect through Wi-Fi so I got one software by the name of photo transfer app this is really cool app I personally use it.

How we use it first you have to install it on both devices for example you want to transfer from pc to iPhone so you have to install on pc and in iPhone as well.

Now you turn on wifi of iPhone and of pc as well.
Than go to your iPhone and open this app and you will fond the browser address and password than open your pc web browser and enter the browser address which you found in iPhone and now you can transfer photos, videos without Internet just with your wifi.

See the look of this website pics:-

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Austina said...

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Anonymous said...

I just bought an IPhone 32gs expecting to be able to use it directly from my HP Pavilion which has "wireless" on the front. Bought minimal data package expecting to use it mainly through the HP. We do not have a wireless router. Will this work? Does this software use data time? Is the front of my HP a WiFi, or do I have to buy a wireless router? Thank you. Signed in anonymous since I have the IPhone on a GoPhone plan.

IT Pro said...

To tell the truth, I transfer pictures a lot from iPhone to my PC. I hate logging into iTunes, and transferring from there.

Your idea about transferring via wifi is awesome.

Oh I even transfer photos that I use in my laptop review blog from my iPhone..

md101ll/a fan said...

At first, I thought it was impossible transfering datas to my iPhone without internet.

This amazes me still what we can do with tech these days.



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