Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to earn by reffering people into a free domain service

In my last post, I have listed some of the free domain services.
But what I forget to mention is, how to earn yourself some good money from the services.
Rather I should say from one of those services.

All you have to do is., go to the co.cc website.
Then register yourself, you should take note of the fact that there is only one account permitted
per household.

Ok, now after registering and comfirming your account through the email, take a look
at the top of the page. There you will find label "REFERALS". Click over it.
And again register yourself for the service. And you are done.
They give you a unique ID. And a link and HTML label code to paste into your websites.
They pay a good amount of $0.10 per free referral.

Because it is free to register a domain, usually a lot of people would like to join it.
So take this to your advantage and earn some money.

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danish said...

i think u got a good url. it have very interesting infomations about about computers and about current affairs/ a good effort by this young man/// thanks for giving me chance to vent my emotions



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