Sunday, August 22, 2010

Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch

Apple Macbook Pro 13 inch

Dear Users Apple has started refreshing its Apple Macbook proline Notebooks with supported Intel Processor i5 & i7. The 13 inch macbook pro will be continued to have core 2 Duo processor,

The Apple is always identified with their graphics for graphics option the bigger models is the NVIDIA Geforce GT330M Discrete GPU which is 2 times fast as the GT 320M available in other Apple Macbook pro

Apple Company claims that this 13 inch model will give you around 10 hours on a single charge. this is just because NVIDIA Optimus technology , the bigger models are also expected to get around 8-9 hours Batter working time

Specifications of this model is

Storage Device: 500GB Hard drive
Ram : 4GB Memory ram
Price is 999$

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