Wednesday, August 4, 2010

DELL Laptop Model Precision M6500

Dell Lovers here is a good news Dell has just announced that. they are in first in Laptop industry with the integrated of 32 GB Memory first time in the history with DELL Laptop Model Precision M6500.

This additional memory is for specially beneficial for Engineers, Computer programmer who need to lead and work with heavy data sets quickly.

DELL Laptop Model Precision M6500

Screen Size: 17th inch noted

Storage Device: 250 GB

Processor: Intel Core i7 Extreme edition CPU

Graphics Card: Nvidia Quadro FX


Battery (9Cell Battery

Special item :USB 3.0 upgrade and Core i5 option with this model

Prices Starting expectedly is $21,09 but dell is offering Less $410 discount

This is not the first time dell introduced this thing but Dell has already introduced 16GB Ram Memory with DELL Laptop Model Precision M4500.

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