Sunday, August 8, 2010

What kind of laptop is right for Students

What kind of laptop is right for Students?

Nowadays where laptop has become a necessity for modern life, the real process of choosing the right laptop from so many laptops which one is right for you. It take deep research and time.
Today I will guide you. I will give you some outline the different categories of laptops and which types are best for different users. I also highlight different categories of different laptops and which kind of Notebook is best for different users. Especially i will look at Processor speed, Storage drive, and networking options.
Now a handful of characteristic user experiences that should help outline what type of laptop is right for you. Probability are, you will go somewhere in between two or more of these archetypes, so be careful consider what you will be using your new laptop for.
Here I am telling you a laptop for Student Users
The student
Students are typically require low prices and easy portable. A laptop that can be carried from class to class, so many students move to low-cost Notebooks, which should be small, low-power systems that generally cost less than Rs30000- 35000. The downside is that these have small screen size and generally use single-core CPUs.

Another option is a 10-inch thin-and-light laptop, it makes for a better experience when sitting down to write papers and do research.
A great example is Dell Mini 1011 and HP Mini 210 which are affordable in price light weight and all in one machine which gives you all you want.

What to look for: At least 1GB of RAM; 160GB or larger HDD; 10-inch or smaller display.

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