Saturday, December 18, 2010

Google Chorme CR48 Laptop

These fully android based Chormed OS netbooks will launch in mid-2011,

Brands which launch these netbooks are Acer and Samsung

As we got some news about expected specs:

Limited flash storage, full-size keyboard (no caps lock, 10-inch to 12-inch screen, Google Chrome browser-based OS, limited peripheral support, 3G support (4G unlikely, and Wi-Fi.

Unfortunatley we can not get the price

Google's Chrome OS netbook pilot project, the CR-48is getting reviews but most critics appreciate the device's simplicity. Will the world be willing to pay for a netbook preloaded with a browser and nothing else? We should know before next summer.

Tech for 2011 would be Android year firstly guy i would like to tell you about Android software which is becoming most popular now a days. First android cell phone launched than android tablet PC and now Android operating system. Android is an open-source software company it is first created for mobile phones and other devices. The Android is an Open Source Project ,

Android is mainly lead by Google, is tasked with the maintenance and further development of Android. Many device manufacturers have brought to market devices running Android,and they are readibly available around the world.

so now Google is officially launching chorme operating software which is based on android so in 2011 google is launching OS notebook

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