Thursday, February 10, 2011

HP Touchpad Tablet launching promo pictures

HP Touchpad Tablet launching promo pictures

Guys as  you know in my last post i told you that HP officially launched HP touchpad tablet and 2 smart palm with webOs interface in this post  i will share with you launching promo pics

It is awsome to share with you i wish i may there on promo.

This is place in the middle of the river  where this promo was being held.
 This is small island where ceremony was held.
People are entering to attend promo event.

Before the promo started  this young man is using Hp another brand.

 Here we are "Big things are coming on Big Screen"

 Hp Touchpad with 2 HP "Medium" & "Small" are on promo event.

See the excitment of people when they are using HP Palm

I hope you all like these picturs

Promo Event  of  HP touchpad tablet   via Facebook Hp Palm

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