Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ufone Launched Micro Sim for Iphone 4, Ipad and for other device

Guys as you know Apple is very famous in their devices specially   Iphone, Ipad , Ipod so before it was successful in foriegn countires but now Apple is coming in Central Asia in the first phase they are coming in INDIA and than so on so forth,

For that reason every one in Pakistan is preparing themselves to be the best host, best sellers, best service provider as much as they can.

Guys i hope you may have the information that Apple new  iPhone 4 which was introduced  a few months ago in that set all sims cant be inserted because it accepted "Micro Sim" so unfortunately those who have iphone4 in central Asia they cut their sims and made according to size which fits in the sim card slot. Here are some pictures of that.

But guys now you dont have to worry in Pakistan Ufone officially launched Micro Sim for Iphone 4

Ufone is always being the market leader in innovation in terms of new packages, new technology, new offer, new promotions all things come first in Ufone than others follow:-

Price of Micro Sim :
SIMs will be charged as per exiting rates inclusive of tax:
New Sales: Rs.150
SIM replacement: Rs.50
Terms & Conditions:
These SIMs are designed for IPhone, IPads and all those product that require micro SIMs
Any customer can purchase these SIMs from any of the service centres.
SIMs are available in limited stock only.

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Laura Acer said...

I wish I live in India hahaha

Seems cheaper than Micro SIM cards I have ever owned or found :(

Great blog you have, I hope my new laptop blog will grow like yours




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