Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2 finally launched by Apple on 2nd march

iPad 2 finally launched by Apple on 2nd march

Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented the iPad 2 on Wednesday and the The iPad 2 got two cameras, front  & back, iPad 2 comes in two colors Black as usual  but this time with White colors too.

iPad 2 is about 30% thinner than the previous iPad it has new Dual Core A5 Processor, and Apple's CEP Steve jobs said that iPad  2 is market leader in tablet markets and others are just trying.

On the launching ceremony he also said that  

"We think 2011 is going to be the year of the iPad 2,"

He also said that iPad 2 will hit the store on 26th March,2011 and iPad 2 will be every where after 26th March on his presentation he also said that Apple wants the competition vary far from their competitor that's why Apple put vary few features in iPad 2 to convince some folks that big thing is coming very means   iPad 3 is coming very soon. 

so guys be ready iPad 3 is coming with full of features.

Really guys Apple is a market leader in Tablet and in many things, their strategy is awesome Steve jobs said that the gap between iPad2 and iPad 3 is very short to convince most consumer to freeze their decision to buy any tablet because they will think that iPad 3 will launch soon with full of features while some competitors like "Google, Motorola ,Asus and many more " will launch tablets to compete     iPad 2 than Apple will launch iPad 3 so in the end Consumer will go with Apple now or later means now they will buy iPad 2 and later they buy iPad 3 so either way Apple wins.

Superb strategy.

And the best part is iPad 2 is available in previous iPad price

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