Thursday, March 3, 2011

iPad 2 Specification with Reviews

iPad 2 Specification with Reviews 

Well guys in my Last post i have discussed with you specifications of iPad2 and  now i will share with you details of iPad 2 features review and many more thing in this post.

Processor: Dual Core A5 Processor
When we talk about Processor so Apple introduce a new processor Dual Core A5 processor which give iPad2 multitasking and super speedy,

All new Design iPad 2
Apple introduced a new design of iPad2 which is 33% thinner than the previous one andif i talk about weight so it is 15% lighter than the previous one 

see in this picture and the thickness is just 8.33 mm

Why Apple reduce the sizes because consumer feel more comfortable in their hand and while they are surfing , checking emails and doing some work it becomes easy for fingers as well.

Two Cameras front & back
Apple introduced first time in iPad 2 dual camera in front and back why because they introduced a new apps name Face Time the purpose of time app is you can communicate on video calling  with others see in this picture for details. 
Back camera resolution camera with 5x digital zoom and front camera is VGA
    Introduced Smart Cover
Apple introduced Smart Cover first time with iPad 2 why this smart cover was introduced because it very stylish and sleek design so that you cant get any scratch on it that's why. 

Smart cover purchased separately In Smart Cover you have two choices

You go with Polythene cover which price is just $39 US or you go with leather cover which is just $69 US

Smart Cover introduced with 10 colors 5 in polythene and 5 in leather. see below

Pricing & storage remains the same - $499 16GB model with WiFi means in old model price you can get a new model which is a very good strategy.

WiFi & storage version prices

  • 16GB $499, 
  • 32GB $599, 
  • 64GB $699

3G & Wifi version prices
  • 16GB $629, 
  • 32GB $729, 
  • 64GB $829

When we talk about IOS so Apple introduce IOS 4.3 with it 

    In IOS 4.3 the safari browser inherits the Nitro Java script engine 
    other features are itune Home sharing, Face Time app which is particularly for    
    Video Calling, iMovie it is specially for ipad so that user can see movie

Via Apple

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