Sunday, April 3, 2011

Google is launching Google's Chrome OS in June

Guys are you fade up with your current Operating system and wants to change, Google has made a very prominent impact on our life and now Google is presenting Chrome OS as you know Google's Chrome browser is very successful in recent years and still is becoming leader in browser category.

Google had announced last year in December that they have been testing Chrome Operating System but guys you know what sort of browser is this, Chrome OS is basically web based OS which gives you tension free from removing data or other things.

But the question is which hardware company will accept it so now we heard that Asus is working on a Google's Chrome OS netbook as i said to you that is should be internet based that's why Asus is working on netbook.

The launching date of Google's Chorme OS is possibly June 2011 so we cross our fingures and expect the best from Google.

here is a look of Google Chrome OS  Logo and some features:

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