Monday, April 11, 2011

Qubee has launched prepay packages of internet with shuttle device

Qubee has launched prepay services of internet means as much as you want internet now your not bounded with monthly package or monthly line rent.
Initially this prepay package is offered only for Qubee Shettle device which ultra portable and plug n play device and you can move with this device any where and every where and they are offering 4 type of packages initially.

If you want to avail Qubee Prepay package what you have to do just visit Qubee Sale service centre.

Just enroll for prepay package you must have 1. Qubee Shuttle device  2. Qubee prepay package.  3. Scratch card through which you can load balance.

Qubee prepay packages are as follows:-

Scratch cards are availble in all Qubee stores locates near you.

Scratch cards available under following category

Rs. 100/-
Rs. 250/-
Rs. 500/-
Rs. 1000/-

Terms and conditions:-

If you are not a Qubee Customer so have to pay one time activation cost of Rs. 1000 plus Rs. 1000/- for refundable security deposit.

The first card you will load it must be Rs.500/- after that you are free to load Rs. 100/- as well any time you need.

The validity of the card depending upon your package will start once you load the card either you use or not.

The remaining balance from your previous card will be carried forward on you next recharge.

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