Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Youtube started live streaming of Makkah prayers for the while month of RAMADAN

Guys First of all from the behalf of all Oslerwater Tech  team I wish you a very wealthy and rich of blessing of this Holy Month RAMADAN to all our readers.

‎"Dear Allah my Lord the Richest and Most Noble, God who decides and returns, The Merciful and Compassionate, give me riches of wealth that Thou approve not that Thou forbid, give me advantages upon others with Thou gift of blessings.Ameen

As you know guys i always post related to tech news so today i am come up with very good news for our beloved Muslims brother & Sisters,,  as the Holy Month RAMADAN has begun so account of virtue also started running so for that GOOGLE has an  agreement with Saudi Ministry of Cultures and Information technology to provide live streaming directly from "Makkah"  in Prayers & Traweeh timing so that we people will watch live prayers from Makkah for the whole month of RAMADAN.

As you know guys Google said before that Youtube will cover all the live streaming events from all over the world that's why Google has added one more important event not only for Muslims but for the benefit for all the humanity...

"Google in a statement said that:""
"This is the first LiveStream event coming from MENA, specifically Saudi Arabia, and we hope that it will give the opportunity not only to two billion Muslims but to the entire world to observe one milion Muslims praying each day from the holiest point in Makkah, the Kaaba, for the first time in history."

This is the link from which you can watch live streaming of Paryers from Masjid ul Haram, Makkah, Saudia Arabia.     http://www.youtube.com/MakkahLive

Guys in the last do remember us in your prayers and make peace in all around the world...

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