Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wateen has relaunched a new services, new promotions, new management, new tariffs

Wateen has relaunched all new services with all new management, with all new tariffs, with all new freshly website look, new promotions.

Below picture is a reference to a new website look

New tariffs of Wateen broadband internet which seems to be little bit interesting as compare to competitive strategy..

New Package name Bolt which is Telephony + Internet

New tariff shows Wateen is offering 512 Kbsps speed with 7 GB download limit @ Rs.599/-
1MB broadband internet speed with 7GB download limit @ Rs. 799/- which is very good package..

Two more interesting packages are also disclosed in website are 1.5Mbps and 2Mbps in 12GB download limit and Unlimited* download with fair usage policy.

  • 1Mbps with Unlimited* download limit @ Rs. 1399/-
  • 1.5Mbps with 12 GB download limit @ Rs. 1299/-
  • 2Mbps with Unlimited* download limit(as per fair usage policy) @ Rs. 2999/-

Wateen also launched corporate plans and TV plans

Activations charges is Rs. 1499/- and one more thing which i personally don't like is CPE line rent which is Rs.99/-..

Note: *Unlimited download with fair usage policy is maximum 30GB download limit

Source: wateen

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fair usage policy for unlimited 1Mbps package allows you 62GB .... every extra GB costs RS100



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