Sunday, December 4, 2011

Qubee Pakistan offer new promotion 50% discounts up to 3 months on line rent

Qubee Pakistan has announced new promotion for new customers this is all bout to capture the broadband market through offering this sort of promotions.

Broadband internet market in Pakistan is in developing stage and now in Pakistan every one wants speedy internet with more services such as WiFi devices, portable devices, USB Dongle so that they can use internet where ever they want.

Qubee this time offering 50% discounts up to three months on line rent on all packages means if your select any package of Qubee such as you choose Rs.1000/-line rent package so for three months you just have to pay Rs. 500.- each month for 3 months and after three months you have to pay Rs. 1000/- as a line rent of your package..

New promotion theme 

Qubee new promotion tariff 

Upfront Charges with security deposit

The worst part of this promotion is Qubee has raised the security deposit as well as the activation charges now if any want Qubee connection they have to pay minimum Rs. 1000/- as a security deposit + Rs. 1000/- as activation charges and if any one want WiFi routers so person has to pay Rs. 1000/- extra for that...

Qubee should decrease these above charges so every one like this promotion..

What do you think guys about this promotion please do comment us whether you like it or not.

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