Friday, December 2, 2011

Siri can be used on Windows & Mac

Siri is now the world famous app every one is using for different purposes some one is trying to remote the car through Siri some one doing another thing.

But today i will share with you that how can siri can be use in Windows & Mac.

For using Siri on Windows & Mac you must have software by the name of VNC server such as TightVNC which helps you to use Siri on Windows and Mac this is a simply VNC remote control  same app should be download  for iPhone which makes your iPhone as a mouse or keyboard for your Windows & Mac or you can call it a virtual keyboard.

New updated version of Touchpad allows voice input from the phone to the computer.

It works simply you will speak and the whole word you have spoken is written on Windows & Mac because there is a Mic button on the virtual keyboard for your iPhone

This app is available on itunes  at this time Apple App store is offering @ $4.99 please click here for download this app.

Source: grabi, limerain

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