Friday, January 21, 2011

ASUS N Series with Sandy bridge Processor

ASUS N Series  with  Sandy bridge Processor
Guys everybody is asking now a days Sandy bridge processor notebook actually sandy bridge processor is the 2nd generation intel  family products which is cool for long lasting work so HP started sandy bridge processor in their HP ENVY series.

Now ASUS come up with Nseries of Sandy bridge processor with core i7 processor with a Turbo Boost  technology for auto boosting performance for multi tasking work the basic core function of sandy bridge processor is to perform multitasking work which gives auto boost to the notebook.

Not only with this ASUS N series  has "Wow graphics result powered with NVIDIA latest graphics GE-Force GT 540" which gives you smooth experience in HD movies & games.

this is not enough ASUS super Hybird Engine provides that increase battery life which gives you maximum output.

Guys Nseries looks glossy metallic Stylish look which gives it edge to another notebooks

Sources taken from ASUS


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