Sunday, January 23, 2011

HP webOS features Reviews & Views

HP webOS features Reviews & Views

Guys in my last post i have discussed with you regarding HP WEB OS Tablet which is coming in the mid of March but guys do you know what WEBOS from HP,,,

How is it work?
How does it look?
What features in it?
What are the benifits in it?

so guys today i will discuss with you WEBOS from HP guys this software its amazingly powerful and HP make it very simple for users.

HP help us to use a mobile phone in a very easy manner or even enjoyable and the more important thing is that mobile phone users should connect what's important for them, due to this reason HP webOS platform around web based information, which means in Internet where so much fun and life resides. And Hp webOS gives you a platform where you  dont miss anything on the web.

Some key feature of webOS are as follows:-

Multiple applications: which means you can run multiple application at the same time which means webOS is a multi-tasking OS.

Intuitive interface : this give users to use multi-touch gestures and a touchscreen which makes navigation easy and when you to flip so you can flip the screen just like that.

Notifications: This is notify you your important dates, birthdays , meetings, etc on the web like facebook reminder or an event it will remind you before the date.

Universal search: webOS enable most powerful universal searches auto enable like Google, Ask, Bing & Yahoo so that you dont have to open particular search engine to find something it will automatically search with in above search engines.

 Effortless updates and backup: This means Updates and backup of your phone is auto you don't have to worry about them it will update automatically each day so that your webOS should be updated all the time and your date should be backup each day all the time on net.

 some pictures of webOS

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