Sunday, January 23, 2011

Motorola Android based Xoom Tablet (Powered with Google's Latest Honeycomb OS)

Motorola Android based Xoom Tablet (Powered with Google's Latest Honeycomb OS)

Guys now a days every one is going for tablet instead of  Laptop or notebook so in the field of tablets every one is very exited about tablets specially computer mnufacturers  they are doing what no one can do?

Well they are many key players in this market  Market leader is Apple, with come with Ipad and than ASUS which innovations are beyond imagination, they come up with a unique idea in tablets , Eee series Tablet with sliding keyboard, Eee Slate and many more than Android based tablets in which many companies are involved but when we talk about tablet in 2011 so we cant forget "Motorola"  which has started Tablets at CES 2011.

so guys today i will share with you Motorola Android based Xoom Tablet as you know guys Motorola is one of the prominent hardware & mobile phone makers today. so now they are also moving to smartphone market and develpping some very interesting phone.

At CES Motorola recently launched Motorola Android Based Tablet "XOOM" Company is hoping that this tablet will give a healthy competition to Apple's iPad in the fastest growing market in tablets

Key features of XOOM
After reviewing  Xoom Tablet  i realized that Xoom is better than Ipad in some ways  when it comes to Camera so it coems with standard front & rear camera and one of the camera can record finest HD. This awsome feature is not available in Apple's Ipad,

Another reason is when we talk about camera resolution so Xoom camera  resolution is higher than apple it also support Adobe Flash.

Xoom is the first table device which uses the latest Google android OS version the name of  Os is Honeycomb so Xoom is powered with Honeycomb.

Why Honeycomb basically Honeycomb OS specialty is to perform multitasking ability and it specially design for tablets.

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