Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Apple Ipad2 with faster mobile grpahics

Apple Ipad2 with faster mobile grpahics

As we know that Apple iPad is very popular in all around the world and 2011 is the tablet year we call it because at CES 2011 many companies announced  their upcoming tablets so how come Apple can be in last so that's why Apple announced that they are about to launch iPad 2.

The questions comes what are the best part in iPad 2 why people go towards it when iPad 1 is in the market with lesser price than the upcoming iPad.

Differences between iPad 1 & ipad2

iPad 2 is enabled with new processor SGX543MP2 which is ultra fast processor which is compatible with dual-core version which gives iPad 2  Four times greater than the previous processor SGX535.  faster speed than ever.

Another difference is the display resolution rumored is 2048x 1536 should be resolution for the next upcoming iPad2, because this will give higher quality movie playback that would keep Apple iPad a competitor's edge against its competitors, because their competitors are having 1080pixel resolution in their devices

and more than that iPad 2 is powered with new  Multiple ARM Cortex-A9 cores for general processing which is compatible with NVIDIA Geforce new graphics card which is used by LG Optius 2X, Xoom and ASUS slider notebook.


Apple Insider

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