Monday, February 7, 2011

Intel Sandy Bridge processor desktop & Laptop Models names

Intel Sandy Bridge processor desktop & Laptop Models names

 Asus has confirmed that as Intel has stopped production of sandy bridge motherboard so as Asus has already stopped but they are shipping intel second generation family processor core i3, i5, i7   so there is nothing wrong in these series but however there are some models of ASUS which are effected for those ASUS has clear policy those users who have effected product they have two rights either they can swap the product with another  or they refund the product and get their valuable amount back.


When we talk about Lenovo brands which are effected so Lenovo is working together with Intel on a solution of sandy bridge motherboard design solution which make error less result.

MSI confirmed that their effected models due to Sandy bridge are on Notebooks 

High-End GT680 which is gaming notebook which was recently launched at CES 2011 and this notebook is not meet with end users yet. and they also confirmed that the main effect on Intel sandy bridge is effected on mainboards with H67 and P67 has also been stopped for their models.

For customers who have purchased desktop with sandybirdge they have three options either they return their product and get back their valuable amount or exchange with another product or offering soluton depending on the at the hand.


Samsung also Refunds for 6 models in Korea and 1 device in the USA as the part of Intel sandy bridge.

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