Friday, February 4, 2011

CISCO Border Less networking will be launching on 17th March

CISCO Border Less networking  will be launching on 17th March

Guys when we talk about future energy management so what comes in your mind,  means how you manage your electricity bills, specially in Pakistan where in every month electricity charges are getting higher, so how you control your bill. or how you reduce it in a legal way.

so guys Cisco is launching on 17th march Border less networking when i first saw this add i would amaze how is it possible.

But this is possible now with Cisco which gives you access to manage your electricity bill but how??

Again question comes.

Now you can access  your  whole office lightning system, machinery ,computer department electricity, even a water dispenser.  all things  can be shut it down in just one click.

This latest technology makes it easier for enterprises to reduce electricity bill, and manage electricity in your company office, or anywhere in your desired place all the electricity appliances turning off buttons are just one click away.

You can manage with networking Cisco Border less networking .
here is the example how it works. I will share with you video

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