Saturday, February 5, 2011

Intel Sandy Bridge Fault and stop production

Intel Sandy Bridge Fault and stop production

As in my previous post i have shared with you Intel sandy bridge technology which was recently launched by Intel for their 2nd generation family processor cor i5 & core i7, but we found from many users who bought Sandy bridge technology there are some errors what sort of error are there.

Today i will disccuss with you some of them

Basically this is not a CPU problem, the processors are working fine only the current problem with motherboard model P67 & H67 which is the 6th Series chipset it is effected by the glitch.

But intel is not a small firm they are the giant they say themselves that they are sponsors of future and they are so they stop production and they called their all resellers and customers that they return their products to intel and intel give them a new one.

not only with this Intel will have major fina financial implications for halting shipments and replacing or repairing hardware which would cost to Intel is about $700 million.

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