Thursday, February 3, 2011

ASUS U36Jc specifications & reviews

ASUS U31Jg-A1 Notebook


Guys Asus launch their new U Series which is ultra thin and portable which makes distinguish with others

Now just take a look what we saw in Asus U-36Jc Laptop
I just take a closer look at the razer thin ASUS U36Jc. Which is the latest ultra thing and ultra portable laptops from ASUS which is awsome. Size specifications  13.3" inches and just 0.75"inches thin, this is the thinnest laptop ASUS has ever made up till now.

When we talk about performance don't think that ASUS has compromize on specification due thin way but it is powered with Intel Corei5 processor and powered with NVIDI GForce Graphics which is the latest in graphics

When it comes to storage and OS so the storage is 500GB hard disk with 7200RPM.  
OS is Windows Genuine 7 with 64bit  machines.

RAM & Battery life
When it comes to speed AYS U36 has powered with 4GB RAM DDR3. and dont ask me about battery it is enabled with 8-cell battery which gives you up to 10-Hours of battery life on a single time

Specifications & Size of ASUS U36Jc Ultra thin & Ultra portable Laptop
Processor:                   Intel 2nd Generation core i5 processor
Hard Disk:                   500 GB with 7200 RPM
RAM:                           4GB DDR3
Graphics Card             NVIDIA GForce latest graphics Card
Battery Life                 8-cell battery which gives you up to 10-hours battery life
Colour:                        Black & Silver
Screen Size                13.3 inches screen  size and width is just about 0.75 inches
Others:                        Headphone, Microphone, 5-in-1 card slot, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and Ethernet port.


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